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RO Tours offers guided walking tours in Rotterdam for both individuals and groups of up to 15 persons. Together with a enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide you will explore this dynamic city - in 2016 ranking #5 in Lonely Planet' city top10 and #10 in 52 Places to Go by the  New York Times. Apart from the well known highlights you will also get an impression Rotterdam city life and you will get to know interesting places and stories well off the beaten track. There is wide range of tours to choose from varying in length, themes and areas covered.  What would you think of learning more of the modern architecture that Rotterdam is deservedly so famous for? Or would you rather roam the stately and quiet Maritime Quarter (Scheepvaartkwartier) where you might be led to believe to have stepped into the 19th century merchant city that Rotterdam once was? Maybe you fancy a cultural walk along the many statues and other works of art of international acclaim. All of this - and much more - is possible. We also set up personal tours tailored to your interests and wishes.

Walking Tours:

Bicycle Tours
RO Tours can also take you on a bike tour. On a bicycle - a very Dutch way of getting around - you can cover a larger area in the same amount of time, so that you can meet the many faces of Rotterdam in on one tour. Just like on our walks, we will show you modern architecture, historical buildings and docks and lively and interesting areas and neighbourhoods. On the best spots we will break and your guide will fill you in with all the interesting backgrounds of what you are seeing along with some juicy anecdotes.
A couple of examples our tours: